Roll filled with meat and vegetables

Meat Roll Homemade easy to make and delicious here the recipe


Ingredients :

Fresh Potatoes
Fresh Carrots
Ground beef
Baharat Spices

Softened seasoning :
White pepper

Roll Ingredients :
all purpose flour
Egg (optional, may be used or not)
White Pepper (optional too)

How to Make a Field:

Chop Potatoes and Carrots to taste, if I prefer to chop the dice or in the scar using grated cheese for easy eating for those who do not really like vegetables, then finely ground onion, garlic and white pepper. After all the ingredients ready the next step is to heat a little vegetable oil, then saute the spices smooth until cooked with medium heat.

After the fragrant and add a little water so that all ingredients must be cooked and do not smell bad, then put the potatoes and carrots that have been chopped. Give a little water and when the vegetables are cooked, put the ground meat, stir until all the meat and vegetables cooked and put Baharat spices 1 teaspoon, give salt, sugar and taste.

When All is well cooked, turn off the stove and let stand until it is slightly warm and not hot anymore.

How to make roll:

Mix flour, salt, egg water and white pepper until smooth and do not let any clump. If there is a clot should be filtered , because it will make texture is not good  and if to be sold , its unpleasant to eat because there are uneven flour clumps.

After the dough has been liquid textured but not too liquid, the dough is ready us in the Make like Omelette in small pan that is anti-heat. before it smeared a little oil in the wok  to make it easier for us to remove the dough when it is cooked as we want.

How to roll
Flatten the omelette, give a little stuffing on the bottom edge and fold the bottom, right and left. then roll neatly. I usually do not use gluten flour, but just keep it quiet, because after that we will dip in egg white dough and then bread. Voila! Risoles are home-made and guaranteed to taste good.

Good luck

-Yasmin Karimah –

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