Balinese Kale Plecing

Another ways to made kale, try this recipe and you will be like it 

2 bunch of fresh kale.
enough water
little cooking oil
1 fresh citrus fruit.

Powdered ingredients:
1 fresh tomato.
a little shrimp paste
Big fresh red pepper
Cayenne pepper. If you want more spicy, you can add according to taste.
2 Garlic
2 Onions

How to make :

puree the ingredients or dye all seasoning until smooth.
Prepare the skillet, then input the chili paste into the pan. Add cooking oil, shrimp paste, until fragrant and add salt sugar until it feels as you wish.
Once cooked input kale and cook until wilted. Once cooked serve and give lemon juice.
Balinese kangkung plecing ala Yasmin ready to be served.

Good Luck and Happy Cooking

-Yasmin Karimah-

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