Vegetable beans with coconut milk

5 min for cooked this dishes

Ingredients :

1 Sachet Bamboo Seasoning Fried Chicken
1 Small Instant Sachet Coconut
2 Boiled Egg Eggs
4 Tofu that has been boiled, halved and fried for a while.
some beans

How to make :

Saute the bamboo marinade of fried chicken without oil, because there is already oil in the marinade. After the fragrance give a little water so as not to smell limp. After that input enough water again, then input tofu, eggs and beans, After the seasoning absorbs and the water begins to boil. Put the coconut milk and stir to keep the coconut milk not broken. Once cooked. Lift and serve. No need to be given salt / sugar .. Because in bamboo seasoning is all there.
So easy and simple for breakfast in the morning

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