Porridge cendil or salak seed is one of traditional Indonesian food. But my fav is a simple recipe made by ameh (sister of  abah / father in Arabic)
Before I got married I often asked to be made by ameh the porridge cendil. It’s simple but enaaaaaaaaaaak !! Keep it chewy like mochi. After marriage, I and ameh have not stayed together me at Sawangan and ameh in Bogor.  So sometimes I really miss the ameh’s dishes. Plus Sawangan weather that literally feels like in Puncak somehow, rain all day long and very cold, and i was thinking “might be nice, if the rain while watching tv continue to eat cendil with blanket”

But do not be sad, all my favorite recipes I’ve noted in my books. So, when i  miss ameh’s dishes, then i’ll make it.

So here it is its recipe 

Ingredients :

-Glutinous flour (Rose Brands)
– Water
– pinch of  Salt
– coconut milk (Kara)
– Pandan leaves
– Brown sugar

How to make :

The first step
Chop the brown sugar until smooth to be easily dissolved, input to the pan, add enough water, a pinch salt and pandan leaves. use the low heat.

Step Two
Knead the glutinous rice flour with a little water and a little salt until smooth and easy to form, a small ball shape of the dough.
When boiled sugar water is boiling,  put the dough into the cooking water. Cook until all the dough is floating. Just before you turn off the fire. Pour glutinous flour with a little water and feed into the boiled sugar until slightly thickened, and adjust to the viscosity you want.

Third step
Cook coconut milk that is given a little water and pandan leaves to boil and do not forget to keep stirring so that the coconut milk is not broken.

Serving method :

Pour the cendil porridge into a bowl and add a bit coconut milk. Voila! “bubur cendil ” is ready to eat.

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